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The A.M.E. Church shares Methodist theological roots with all denominations emanating from the Wesleyan liturgical tradition.  African Methodism is distinct from its United Methodist roots as a movement founded on biblically congruent social inclusivity rather than any theological divide.  As thus, the especial call of African Methodism is in social justice.  At St. John, our ministries strive with the conviction that in God's Kingdom all of His creation is to be treated with respect and dignity and afforded the real opportunity to actualize his or her full potential in God's plan for his or her life.  These are some of the current organizations, ministries and ministry groupings active at St. John.

Community Engagement/Social Action

The Church is not confined to the physical four walls of the building that we enter into worship on Sunday mornings and study on Wednesday evenings!  From partnerships with our local Shelby County elementary school to ministering to the needs of the families of the daycare housed in our facility, we aim to live out the Second Great Commandment - "you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself."

Women's Missionary Society

A formally organized ministry of the A.M.E. church, the local Women's Missionary Society at St. John is vital to our ministry of outreach in our expanding partnership with our neighborhood public schools as well as being an active participant in Conference and District activities.

Children's Church

Held Sunday during 11 A.M. worship service, children ages 3-12 are ministered to with age-appropriate content on the basics of Christian faith and spirituality in a fun and engaging environment. Click below to register via email for Sunday service!  Please give us the number of children you anticipate bringing and their ages, so that we can optimize our preparation!

Class Leaders/Growth Groups

The Class Leader system is the formally organized small group ministry of the A.M.E. Church.  It is through this organization that every member is able to get and stay connected to the growth that is to be found in Christ.  Click below to connect with your Class Leader!

Lay Organization 

The formal organization for non-ordained church leadership, the Lay Organization takes the lead in varying endeavors to enhance the ministries of St. John, including leading in the organization of the annual Kwanzaa celebration and the organization of the Maunday Thursday worship service.

Large Groups Ministries 

During Eastertide, the season immediately following Easter, emphasis is placed on the unique giftings that God blesses the Kingdom with through Men, Women, Youth and Children.  Our Women's emphasis month is May, we are led by our Men's Ministry in June and our Youth and Children lead in July.

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